Natural Beekeeping Courses for hobbyists!

Since we'e still living in the Covid-19 pandemic, I anticipate it will be too challenging to hold in-person classes in winter 2021.  Therefore, I'm creating a line-up of totally online course experiences, complete with helpful course materials and live call Q&A's to support participants!  These courses are suitable for any aspiring beekeeper across North America.

2021 Beginner Natural Beekeeping - Prepare for Success!

2021 Healthy Honey Bees

2021 Hivemind Mentorships

You can register for beekeeping courses at my new web portal for honey bee and wild bee education!

A World for Bees

The buzz from past students:

"I was happy with the overall detail and scope of material covered without making it overcomplicated or difficult to understand.  Very well done!"

"Great information and very well organized!"

"I learned so much that I really feel better prepared to attempt this hobby with confidence."

"Clear and concise with lots of clever tips.... I would recommend this to anyone."

"Excellent value! Very happy!"

"Appreciated [Michelle's] honesty and candour."

"I have so many positive things to say about this course! So much knowledge, love, and respect for the bees."

"...a lovely, practical way of presenting each class - a mix of love for the bees and practicality."

" I loved every minute of it, so sorry it's over!"